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“I can not thank you enough. Colorado was our chosen place to be because of skiing and summer activities. My biggest fear was i was going to have to sit back and watch everyone else ski and hike because my scoliosis just didn’t allow me to make good turns which limited my confidence on the mountain. My breathing always got to me as well, but I wasn’t aware that it could be because of my capital ‘s’ spine curve. you guys have changed my life! because of you i ski better. yes i did black runs this year, i hiked ice lakes last year, and i plan to do engineer to the top, not just the meadow this coming year.”


“for me , the chiropractic care and techniques utilized by Dr. Tom have been a game changer. As a welder for the past 30 years, the positions I have had to put my body in to perform my work have taken a toll on my back, neck, shoulders and hands. Chiropractic adjustments have made a tremendous difference in my back, neck, and shoulders. The pain in my right wrist and thumb has been virtually eliminated. I am also an avid skier and would not be able to ski at the level or duration I do without the chiropractic care I receive. Like I said, it is a game changer!” 

Mackenzie -

“Getting adjusted throughout my pregnancy has been a life changer! Any type of pain or uncomfortable feeling is so much better after an adjustment. I am a lot more active, and feel so much more supported physically and mentally. I received consistent chiropractic care with my first pregnancy as well and had an amazing, short labor and easy delivery. I highly recommend getting adjusted pre and post birth! Thank you Dr. Tom for taking the best care of me and my growing family!”

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